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Indoor Cycling Class Profile: Tour de France 2017 Stage 5

Every July the Tour de France rolls around and never disappoints – from epic crashes to doping scandals, there’s bound to be high drama. And of course — it’s one of the best displays of athleticism, endurance and insane work ethic out there today. Add to all of that the fact that it’s the only cycling race most “normal” people can name off the top of their heads, and it makes the perfect recipe for an indoor cycling class profile! Or even a series of classes…. Much like my other class profiles (see hereĀ and here), below I have provided a…

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45 Minute Indoor Cycling Class Profile & Playlist: 2016 Hits Remixed

Happy 2017! I’ve got plenty of goals and plans brewing for the year, but I kicked things off with a fun indoor cycling/Spinning class with a playlist full of remixed 2016 hits. Let’s dive right in: Playlist Access the playlist on Spotify here, or see the embedded version below. Note: the first three and last three songs are pre/post class songs, and the class totals 45 minutes of work. Class Profile Goal: This is a cardio-heavy class meant to increase V02 max through interval work. Class Setup/Structure: The workout is divided into three stages, each one ends in a tabata.…


Splash Cycle review: DC’s newest workout

Last night I had the pleasure of trying out a free preview class at DC’s brand new Splash Cycle. While the New York Times covered the aquacycling/underwater cycling craze in NYC three years ago, as far as I know this is the first class of its kind here in DC. The basic concept is: spin class + pool. There’s no adjusting resistance on your bikes, and of course being submerged in water lets you add some fun adaptations to the class. There are lots of benefits to this type of workout, including: It’s low- to no-impact, minimizing stress on your…

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