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Ways to Cope: Dealing with Injury in Triathlon

It’s been just about three months since I broke my hip (fractured my femoral neck) in a cycling crash and two months since I finally figured out why my hip was bugging me and the subsequent surgery. I also went through a significant knee injury/surgery/recovery last year, so at this point, much to my dismay, I’m kind of an expert when it comes to dealing with the disappointment that comes along with injuries. Here’s a few of my top coping strategies: Read about other people’s experiences: I have done more Googling and forum reading than I care to admit! Slowtwitch,…

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Top 5 pools for triathlon swim training in the DC area

There sure are a lot of pool options in the DC area! From public pools to sports clubs, indoor to outdoor, 50m to 25, we are lucky to have a lot to choose from. Since I have been aquajogging as part of recovery for my broken hip AND swimming as much as I can, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the water. Here’s a look at 5 of my favorite spots to keep things interesting: Hains Point: Officially called the East Potomac Pool, this is the classic DC summertime pool! It’s hard to get to, the locker rooms…

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Race [Spectator] Report: Church Creek Time Trial #2

This weekend Eugene raced against the clock in his second Church Creek Time Trial #2. Put on by the Annapolis Bicycle Racing team, the 40k course covers a lot of the same ground as the Eagleman 70.3/Ironman Maryland bike course, and has the flat, windy conditions those races are known for. I brought my road bike along, which is nearly required to spectate the race as you have to park 5 miles away from the start line — it makes for a great warm up for the racers but also means it’s not all that spectator friendly (the extreme heat…

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Finale of the Tour de Wired Cycling!

Four weeks ago Wired Cycling (the awesome indoor cycling studio where I teach in NE DC’s Eckington neighborhood) launched the Tour de Wired Cycling – an awesome class series taught by Dru Ryan, just in time for the Tour de France. Luckily enough for me, it was perfectly timed with my hip surgery recovery, so I was able to join in for all four sessions! In fact, I think I was the only one to complete all four, which means I automatically get the yellow jersey…right? What’s awesome about Wired is that beyond having really nice bikes, a high quality…

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Introducing TriathLauren!

After rolling the idea of blogging around in my head for oh, years now, I finally bit the bullet. I’m in the midst of my second season in a row blown to smithereens due to injuries and plain bad luck — and if I can’t find an outlet in 2 hour runs and half a day spent on my bike, I thought maybe I could find it in writing things down — processing my thoughts and sending them out in the world for one or two people to stumble across and maybe even relate with. So, here I am! Recovering…

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