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Newbie Triathlete Advice: Splurging & Scrimping on Triathlon Gear

When you start triathlon — there’s SO MUCH to acquire – especially if, like me, you weren’t much of a swimmer, runner OR cyclist beforehand. With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Christmas right around the corner, plus an influx of new 2017 products from triathlon companies, there’s no better time to talk shop(ping) when it comes to multisport. And, now that I’m 5+ years into this triathlon experiment, it’s time for me to upgrade some of my “entry level” equipment and invest in some higher-end gear now that I know this hobby isn’t going anywhere. So let’s…

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The Broken Hip Chronicles: Everything the Cyclist/Triathlete Needs to Know About a Fractured Femoral Neck

I have been incessantly Googling since my hip started bugging me in April, finding several super helpful forum posts and other sources regarding all things cycling, broken hips, fractured femoral necks, etc. I thought I’d add my own experience to the conversation to hopefully help out those who are going through similar experiences. For those of you for whom this post has no relevance: run for the hills! Avoid breaking your hip at all costs! For those of you interested in reading on: enjoy the saga. The Actual Injury: April 2016 Eugene and I went cycling in the Blue Ridge…

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So cliché it hurts.

A funny thing has been happening to me for the past year and a half: I’ve been putting on weight little by little, despite super clean eating habits and daily exercise. For months and months I have attributed this slow creep to my injuries — sure, I’ve been working out a lot, but no running or high impact workouts means a little weight gain is inevitable, right? Now that the 2016 racing season is over, my hip is more or less healed and I am easing back into running, and a crazy month of travel is over, I finally felt…

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Recovering from Work Travel and Catching Up

Finally! Back from a crazy few weeks of work (travel, taking on a colleague’s responsibilities, etc.) and jumping headfirst into the offseason. Here’s what I’ve been up to on the triathlon front: I’m allowed to run again! Just 4.5 months after surgery to repair my broken hip, my orthopedist deemed me fully healed and gave me the green light to run. I was expecting a full 6 months of no running, so this was wonderful. Easing back in with run/walk intervals: My physical therapist has me doing 1 minute run/1 minute walk intervals, starting with just 15 minutes and moving…

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The Slowtwitch Guppy Challenge

One of my off season goals this year: correct my swim technique and improve my speed. I already swim 3 days/week and go to Masters swimming — I have great swimming endurance, can maintain a steady pace for a HIM distance swim, and feel comfortable in the open water. That’s all well and good – but I still need help because I am s-l-o-w. Not as slow as I used to be, but we’re still talking bottom 20% here in terms of swim times. Yikes! As part of accomplishing this goal, Eugene suggested that we try the Slowtwitch Guppy Challenge…

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5 Goals for the Triathlon Off Season

After two years in a row of suffering huge injuries that impeded with my triathlon season, all I’m craving is a little bit of normalcy! I’m really hoping to use this off season to prep myself for a successful, injury free 2017 triathlon season. While I have a handful of races swirling around in my head for next year, I’m holding off to commit to anything until I have a better grasp on my schedule and a clear idea of what’s realistic (and fun). In the meantime, here’s a look a five specific off season goals: Ease back into running: I…


Race Report: 2016 Outer Banks Triathlon Half Distance Aquabike

What a difference three weeks makes! From two flat tires to my first ever’s a look at my experience at the Outer Banks Triathlon, where I raced the half distance aquabike. Pre-Race  Eugene and I drove down to Kitty Hawk on Thursday evening – making amazing time and arriving to the Outer Banks in less than five hours (including one stop!). Our Airbnb was a little “cottage” at a farm and was adorable/exactly what we needed. It also sported chickens, peacocks, pigs, horses and more.  On Friday morning we set out on our practice spin along the bay, where…

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Welp, I’ve been busy!

Since we last talked, I: Won the Outer Banks Triathlon Half Distance Aquabike! [race report coming soon] Put together an epic avocado toast spread for my book club. Took and LOVED my first ever Sufferfest class. [power station – lots of hard hill efforts] Took over almost the entire workload of a coworker who left my organization (boo – miss her!) Prepped for starting the Slowtwitch Guppy Challenge. [dedicated post coming soon!] Entered the off season! [goals coming soon]  

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5 Things People Say to Female Triathletes

While running races are becoming more predominantly female and organizations like Women for Tri are encouraging female participation in triathlon, it’s still a male dominant sport. This results in some pretty funny and ridiculous statements — all of the comments/questions listed below have been said either to me or to someone I know, by both men and women. Did your boyfriend get you into triathlons? How do you stay on a bike seat for so long? You must meet a lot of cute guys. Bike shorts feel like diapers/are so unflattering. Can you change your own tire? I know there…

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Training Log #7: September 5-11, 2016

We lost a week worth of training logs to the racecation — let’s just say there was lots of awesome riding, a little gym time, and plenty of recovery! This week was a bit weird because at the beginning of the week I was just two weeks out from the Outer Banks Triathlon, so this was a maintenance week more than anything before a short taper next week. Monday (Labor Day!): AM: Master’s swimming with an 800 swim, then 8×100 descending each 25. This practice went quickly and I felt pretty strong throughout – the 8x100s definitely raised my heart…

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