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TRX Suspension Training Course

[Oops: it’s been more than a month since I last posted! But, that’s okay because this is supposed to be a fun outlet and not a stressor. I have lots to post about soon!] Last month, I took a TRX Suspension Training Course at Prime Fitness in Gaithersburg, Maryland so that I could start teaching TRX classes at Wired Cycling, where I teach indoor cycling. I was a bit apprehensive going into the class! One the one hand, I use TRX regularly in my strength training, and after all, it’s just some adjustable straps, could it really necessitate a full day…

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Newbie Triathlete Advice: Splurging & Scrimping on Triathlon Gear

When you start triathlon — there’s SO MUCH to acquire – especially if, like me, you weren’t much of a swimmer, runner OR cyclist beforehand. With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Christmas right around the corner, plus an influx of new 2017 products from triathlon companies, there’s no better time to talk shop(ping) when it comes to multisport. And, now that I’m 5+ years into this triathlon experiment, it’s time for me to upgrade some of my “entry level” equipment and invest in some higher-end gear now that I know this hobby isn’t going anywhere. So let’s…

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How to Set Up Your Garmin 920xt for an Aquabike Race

While prepping for Rev3 Maine and checking some items off of my list of things you might forget before a triathlon, I set out to get my Garmin 920xt race ready. Since I am doing the half distance aquabike, it’s not quite so simple as just going into Triathlon mode. I googled around a bit and couldn’t find anything, so here’s a step-by-step guide.   Note that you can also use this guide to set up your watch for another multisport race, like a duathlon or aquajog.  From the home screen, click the three dots button on the bottom left…

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5 Things You Might Forget to do Before a Triathlon: The Rev3 Maine Edition

Nailed your training? Got your photo ready outfit picked out? Here’s a great list of five things you might forget to do before your next race — also known as, my personal to do list before Rev3 Maine! Bottle handoff practice: If you’re doing a half iron or iron distance race, you’ll need to master this skill so that you can cruise through the aid stations and not lose any time. As for me? I’m still working on it but have practice on my calendar for this weekend! Try on your wetsuit: If it’s been a while since your last wetsuit…

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Introducing TriathLauren!

After rolling the idea of blogging around in my head for oh, years now, I finally bit the bullet. I’m in the midst of my second season in a row blown to smithereens due to injuries and plain bad luck — and if I can’t find an outlet in 2 hour runs and half a day spent on my bike, I thought maybe I could find it in writing things down — processing my thoughts and sending them out in the world for one or two people to stumble across and maybe even relate with. So, here I am! Recovering…

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