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The Type A Triathlete: 15 Ways to Prep for Success

I may not be the world’s fastest triathlete, but I am pretty sure I could compete in some kind of head-to-head prep challenge with the pros! I am a true believer in the quote “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” and I think it’s one of many ways that you can get yourself ahead in the world of triathlon (in addition to: speedwork, rest, nutrition, really nice gear, etc. etc. etc.). Here are a few of my top preparation tips in hopes that they can help a few others looking to get organized in their triathlon life.…

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So cliché it hurts.

A funny thing has been happening to me for the past year and a half: I’ve been putting on weight little by little, despite super clean eating habits and daily exercise. For months and months I have attributed this slow creep to my injuries — sure, I’ve been working out a lot, but no running or high impact workouts means a little weight gain is inevitable, right? Now that the 2016 racing season is over, my hip is more or less healed and I am easing back into running, and a crazy month of travel is over, I finally felt…

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My Wednesday in Food

I always love seeing food diaries – I think it’s so interesting to see how people fuel themselves and what they choose day in and day out since it’s so personal and differs so much from one person to another. Let’s dive into my Wednesday – I included a rough outline of my day as well for reference purposes. 4:15am: alarm goes off for Master’s swimming at 5am. 5am-6am: 26 ounces water during swim practice. 7am: I get to Junction Bakery & Bistro, newly opened in Del Ray and a client of mine. I take some pictures for social media…

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