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45 Minute Indoor Cycling Class Profile & Playlist: 2016 Hits Remixed

Happy 2017! I’ve got plenty of goals and plans brewing for the year, but I kicked things off with a fun indoor cycling/Spinning class with a playlist full of remixed 2016 hits. Let’s dive right in: Playlist Access the playlist on Spotify here, or see the embedded version below. Note: the first three and last three songs are pre/post class songs, and the class totals 45 minutes of work. Class Profile Goal: This is a cardio-heavy class meant to increase V02 max through interval work. Class Setup/Structure: The workout is divided into three stages, each one ends in a tabata.…


The Broken Hip Chronicles: Everything the Cyclist/Triathlete Needs to Know About a Fractured Femoral Neck

I have been incessantly Googling since my hip started bugging me in April, finding several super helpful forum posts and other sources regarding all things cycling, broken hips, fractured femoral necks, etc. I thought I’d add my own experience to the conversation to hopefully help out those who are going through similar experiences. For those of you for whom this post has no relevance: run for the hills! Avoid breaking your hip at all costs! For those of you interested in reading on: enjoy the saga. The Actual Injury: April 2016 Eugene and I went cycling in the Blue Ridge…

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5 Best Places to Bike When Training for a Triathlon in DC (and NOVA)

We covered pools – let’s move on to cycling! Having been hit by a car while running a few years ago, I am not a big fan of riding on the roads in and around DC. The overall cycling infrastructure is improving with bike lanes, rising use of Capital Bikeshare, etc., but what about training? Intersections and crazy drivers definitely aren’t going to better my FTP. Luckily, there are a few trusty spots and trails that work great when you need to get in a decent ride but can’t spend the time to drive a ways for quieter roads: Hains…

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Summer 2016: 45 Minute Spin Class Playlist & Workout

Let’s get sweaty! I love teaching indoor cycling at Wired Cycling and enjoy taking classes there and at other studios on occasion as well. I make a brand new playlist for every single class (though I do have go-to favorite songs that make it into a number of my playlists!) and try to include the up and coming popular music rather than rely on just Top 40 tunes that lots of people might already be sick of. I’m going to try to share a new playlist & class profile here every few weeks for people to try out at home,…

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Splash Cycle review: DC’s newest workout

Last night I had the pleasure of trying out a free preview class at DC’s brand new Splash Cycle. While the New York Times covered the aquacycling/underwater cycling craze in NYC three years ago, as far as I know this is the first class of its kind here in DC. The basic concept is: spin class + pool. There’s no adjusting resistance on your bikes, and of course being submerged in water lets you add some fun adaptations to the class. There are lots of benefits to this type of workout, including: It’s low- to no-impact, minimizing stress on your…

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Finale of the Tour de Wired Cycling!

Four weeks ago Wired Cycling (the awesome indoor cycling studio where I teach in NE DC’s Eckington neighborhood) launched the Tour de Wired Cycling – an awesome class series taught by Dru Ryan, just in time for the Tour de France. Luckily enough for me, it was perfectly timed with my hip surgery recovery, so I was able to join in for all four sessions! In fact, I think I was the only one to complete all four, which means I automatically get the yellow jersey…right? What’s awesome about Wired is that beyond having really nice bikes, a high quality…

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