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Race Week Feels: IRONMAN 70.3 Atlantic City

Well, I am still working on my Aquabike Worlds race report, but IRONMAN 70.3 Atlantic City is just six days away and I wanted to capture this week so I can look back and remember it down the road! I’ve completed two half distance aquabike races (Rev3 Maine and Outer Banks Triathlon), and also did longer distances just a few weeks ago at Aquabike Worlds (1.9 mile swim, 75 mile bike), but this is a whole new rodeo!

TriathLauren - Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City Race Bib


How I’m Feeling

Nine times out of ten, I am feeling excited and ready. I know the distance of the swim and the bike won’t be a problem for me and that I will have a lot of fun with them. The bike course is completely closed to traffic and will be a blast! I’ve had some good swims this year but I know I can do better and hopefully avoid the sighting issues of the Culpeper Triathlon and the swim cap issues I had at Worlds.

As for the run — that’s where my tiny bit of apprehension lies. When I registered for Worlds, I knew I’d be shifting a bit of my running focus over to swimming and cycling. And I was fine with that, as I’d be easy back into running anyway and wanted to do everything possible to avoid injury. But, despite the fact that my longest run has not even come close to 13.1, I know I’ll be fine. I’ve been extremely consistent in my training and need to trust that will bring me across the finish line!


The Training

Training has gone incredibly well. I’ve been motivated for my workouts and have enjoyed the long rides, improved my swimming and slowly worked on my running. I had a lot of travel in the spring and early summer for some of my close friends’ weddings and bachelorette parties, which is why I really concentrated my races towards the end of the season. I think that strategy worked quite well and I’ve showed up to all of my races feeling prepared.

I definitely believe that if you don’t enjoy the training, there’s no point in doing any of this. I would never be motivated to make it out of bed so early if I didn’t love this! Some of my favorite workouts have been the outdoor evening masters sessions on sunny days, my long ride to Purcelville & beyond, and a run exploring Penticton while in British Columbia for Worlds.


Real Life”

Oof. Every time someone’s asked me about my summer I’ve basically said that I’ve been either training, racing or working. And the truth is…work has been tough. My “team” has been down a person for more than a year now…so really the team is just me, trying to juggle two people’s jobs. I have some great freelance support, but with a couple of major events on the horizon and some other big projects going on, it hasn’t been enough.

I’ve been fantasizing about having a 40 hour a week job that allows me ample time to train AND balance some semblance of a social life — until I find that bliss, I’ll just keep being thankful that despite the workload, my job is flexible and still allows me to do the things I love. 


The Off Season

Woah. The off season is just around the corner. Some days I feel very happy to have some unstructured time ahead of me….some days I feel like I need to sign up for a century ASAP! Either way, I’m going to keep implementing the nutrition lessons learned with Marni and adapted my training a bit to help improve my body composition. I also have some lingering instabilities in my right vs. left sides that I hope to address through lots of strength training. And, I want to become a faster runner with more track work! 


The Sherpa Cheer Crew

My mom organized a cheer crew like no other and I received supportive messages and photos from around the world in advance of Aquabike Worlds. Everyone sported a #BelisleMiles shirt that my mom had sent her way…it actually brought me to tears to hear from so many friends and family. 

As if that wasn’t enough…I also have an epic cheer crew coming to Atlantic City this weekend! My mom and dad, my brother and his girlfriend Lisa, and my friends Laura, Mike, Mollie and Lauren will be joining me and Eugene. I didn’t ask for anyone to come….but I guess that’s what friends are for (stopping now before I tear up again…)! 


Race Goals

To the point: I’d love to come in under 7 hours. I think that’s achievable on a good day, but I know it’s a long day and there will be a lot of things that could throw that time out of whack. So here’s my ACTUAL (non time-bound) goals:

  • Work hard on the swim. Remember that you did almost double this distance no problem just three weeks ago.
  • Be smart and strong on the bike course. Fast and flat is totally your jam. Hydrate well to set yourself up for success on the run.
  • Have fun on the run, keep running, and don’t be afraid to push it. You got this! 

See you on the other side of that finish line 🙂 

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