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Month: July 2017

Race Report – Rev3 Williamsburg Sprint Triathlon

This was sure was a long time coming! After two tumultuous years of zero triathlons, two orthopedic surgeries, 60+ physical therapy sessions and a handful of aquabike races, I was so excited and so ready to actually race a triathlon again. And yes – I said race, I really wanted to focus on doing my best vs. just getting across the finish line. Eugene and I drove down to Williamsburg on Friday morning (I was racing Saturday, he was racing the half distance on Sunday) to avoid traffic and it went super smoothly – only took us about 2 hours…

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The Type A Triathlete: 15 Ways to Prep for Success

I may not be the world’s fastest triathlete, but I am pretty sure I could compete in some kind of head-to-head prep challenge with the pros! I am a true believer in the quote “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” and I think it’s one of many ways that you can get yourself ahead in the world of triathlon (in addition to: speedwork, rest, nutrition, really nice gear, etc. etc. etc.). Here are a few of my top preparation tips in hopes that they can help a few others looking to get organized in their triathlon life.…

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