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Fitting it all in…

One thing my friends tend to comment on is how dedicated I am and that they don’t know how I manage to fit it all in. The truth: it’s NOT pretty! After reading Cynthia’s Day in the Life post [ages ago at this point], I decided it would be interesting to keep track of one of my crazier days.

Let’s dive in (or just scroll down for a few tips)!

4:18am: warning alarm goes off. I know I have two more minutes of “sleep” before…

4:20am: real alarm goes off! I lie in bed for a few more minutes before getting up, brushing teeth, throwing on my bathing suit, grabbing my lunch from the fridge, downing a half cup of applesauce, and heading out the door at about 4:35am to get to the pool at about 4:50am.

5am: Master’s swimming begins! This was a great day because I got moved to another (faster) lane — I’ve been the fastest one in my lane for a while and it was such a victory to move to the next lane!


6am: get ready at the pool. It can be a hassle to lug everything with me, but it really helps me get a headstart on the day and cut out unnecessary travel. Chug some Endurox while getting ready to help amp up recovery.


6:35am: leave the pool and head to the office! It’s still early enough that there’s very little traffic, so the drive takes no more than 15 minutes. Sometimes I throw in some errands to this time, like picking up a few things at the grocery store or running to the post office.


6:50am: get to the office and make breakfast: a banana mixed in with Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Instant Oatmeal, greek yogurt, and a flax/chia seed mixture. just add coffee!

7am-noon: work work work! I only had one meeting this morning, so I got a lot done for a few different clients.

Noon: down my lunch (salad with red lettuce, beet greens, chives, roasted beets, sprouts, bell pepper, pumpkin seeds, grilled chicken and red wine vinaigrette) while reading a few blog posts and sending a few personal emails, then jump right back into work.

3:30: enjoy a mid-afternoon snack of ginger turmeric tea, a cara cara orange, and a peanut butter RX bar.


5:30pm: the afternoon flies by, and I leave the office a little earlier than usual to fight traffic and teach an evening class at Wired Cycling. Once I get there, I get myself set up, then foam roll and answer a few work emails that came in as I was driving.
7-7:45pm: Ten brave souls endure a fun class! I recently found out that I’m known for having hard classes – which I LOVE! I always try to make class rewarding for those who cycle outside, as well as those who don’t. It can be a struggle to please both parties – but great music helps!


8pm: Finish cleaning up the studio and chatting with students, finally time to head home! I down a Fuel for Fire while on the way home for recovery purposes.


8:30pm: Get home, devour a dinner of grilled chicken, quinoa, and roasted brussels sprouts, and chat about my day with Eugene.


9pm: Quick shower, unpack today’s gym bags and start packing up for tomorrow.


9:45pm: Lights out to rest up for another crazy day in the life.


Looking back at my day, which was admittedly pretty crazy, here are a few keys to fitting it all in:
  • Meal prep: almost everything I ate was homemade (besides recovery fuel), but I didn’t spend any time prepping it throughout the day.
  • Eat and hydrate: In addition to having food prepped, I also made sure to eat regularly throughout the day and focus on refueling after my workouts. I drink a lot of water throughout the day, especially at the office – all of this keeps me going even when time is tight.
  • Aggressive packing: I can’t go to bed at night unless the next day’s bags are packed – this saves me so much time in the morning!
  • Be realistic: on this day I did almost zero “personal life” stuff except while eating my lunch. Other days, I fit in more personal or social stuff, but on two-a-days it’s nearly impossible.
  • Sleep: 99% of the time, I am asleep or at least in bed before 10pm. I’d never be able to get so much done in the mornings without that early bedtime!


How do you fit it all in? Any tips to add to the above!?

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