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TRX Suspension Training Course

[Oops: it’s been more than a month since I last posted! But, that’s okay because this is supposed to be a fun outlet and not a stressor. I have lots to post about soon!]

Last month, I took a TRX Suspension Training Course at Prime Fitness in Gaithersburg, Maryland so that I could start teaching TRX classes at Wired Cycling, where I teach indoor cycling.

I was a bit apprehensive going into the class! One the one hand, I use TRX regularly in my strength training, and after all, it’s just some adjustable straps, could it really necessitate a full day course? On the other hand, I am not a personal trainer – was I going to be able to keep up with the class?

Luckily, our instructor Eric Giroux was fantastic and it was an approachable class with lots of new content (even for the personal trainers in the group!) which really set the foundation for all things teaching TRX.

Just a few highlights of the things we learned during class:

  • How to plank correctly – mine got picked as the best out of the group 🙂
  • Proper setup of the TRX Suspension Trainer in a gym, at home or on the go
  • The easy way to adjust the straps and get your heels or toes into the handles for ground-based movements
  • The foundational TRX movements: plank, push, pull, rotate, squat and lunge
  • The “NAPS MR.” cueing mechanism to structure all movement cues with “Name, Adjustment, Position, Start, Movement, Return” — this was SUPER helpful for me who is new to cueing anything beyond indoor cycling
  • A bit about the TRX Rip Trainer — a newer product that can be incorporated into suspension training workouts or used on its own

We also learned dozens of exercises and variations — and got to try them out for ourselves! Needless to say,  was VERY sore the day after training and it was definitely a workout in and of itself.

Since the qualification course, I have taught a handful of classes — from standalone 45 minute classes, to free introductory sessions for those brand new to TRX, and a few TRX/cycling combo classes. So far, I am really enjoying teaching — more to come in a future post re: my thoughts on teaching TRX vs. indoor cycling. And, I now have a TRX Suspension Trainer at home, which has been super helpful in testing out workouts before coaching them (and getting in my own workouts at home!).

For anyone considering attending the course – I would highly recommend it! I found it extremely valuable and worth my time, and hope to attend further TRX courses to advance my knowledge and up my teaching capabilities.

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