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45 Minute Indoor Cycling Class Profile & Playlist: 2016 Hits Remixed

Happy 2017! I’ve got plenty of goals and plans brewing for the year, but I kicked things off with a fun indoor cycling/Spinning class with a playlist full of remixed 2016 hits. Let’s dive right in:


Access the playlist on Spotify here, or see the embedded version below. Note: the first three and last three songs are pre/post class songs, and the class totals 45 minutes of work.

Class Profile

Goal: This is a cardio-heavy class meant to increase V02 max through interval work.

Class Setup/Structure: The workout is divided into three stages, each one ends in a tabata. The length of the tabata increases as the class builds. There are four primary resistance levels below: flat road, small hill, medium hill and heavy hill.


45 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout TriathLauren

More Detail on the Profile: 


  • Work From Home – Warm Up: Start with a good upper body stretch, make sure you focus in on your form, take some time to speed your legs up, add some resistance on, generally wake up your muscles, check in on your form and make sure the bike is comfortable.


  • Colors – Gradual Hill Climb: Start in the saddle on small hill at about 80pm — after 1 minute of climbing, add some resistance on and spend 1 minute climbing on a medium hill at 70pm, then add on more resistance and stay in the saddle as you climb a heavy hill for 1 minute at 60pm. End by adding on more resistance and taking it out of the saddle to third position to climb for one minute.
  • Sugar – Switchback Climb: You’re on a mountain with switchbacks to get to the top. Climb in the saddle on a medium hill at 70-80 RPM, and every 30 seconds, stand into third position to climb at your highest possible cadence for ten seconds as you turn the corner for the next switchback. Then take it back to the saddle and start the process again.
  • Don’t Let Me Down – First Tabata (4 sets): Each set is 20 seconds all out effort followed by 10 seconds of recovery, then dive right into the next one. For all of the tabatas, your RPM should be somewhere between 90 and 110 RPM, and riders can pick if they would like a lighter resistance/higher cadence or a heavier resistance/lower cadence. After 2 minutes of working, spend the rest of the song recovering.


  • This is What You Came For – Rolling Hill + Surges:  Start on a rolling hill, turning up resistance gradually until 1:21, then surge against heavy resistance at around 90 RPM until 1:48. Take the resistance off to start at the bottom of the next hill, then add it back on gradually until 2:44 and again surge against heavy resistance until 3:10.
  • Work – Stand/Seated Push: Stand in second position on a flat road, focusing on good form and recovery. Sit and push (between 100-110 RPM) from 1:09 to 1:28, then take it back out of the saddle to recover until 2:37, at which point you should sit and push until 2:57.
  • On My Mind – Second Tabata (6 sets): This set will take three minutes total – wait until you are 1:07 in to start your first push as that’s when the music picks up.


  • Capsize – Cadence Hold: On a flat road, find a challenging cadence between 80-95 RPM and hold onto it for the whole song as you slowly add on resistance.
  • Love Myself – Up and Downs: Sit on a medium hill (around 80 RPM) until 1:00, then take some resistance off, stand in third position and surge down the hill until 1:30 at 90 RPM. Sit down and jump right back into the medium hill climb until 2:00, then stand and surge down the hill one more time until 2:20. Sit and find your medium hill again to climb until 2:35, then increase cadence gradually until the end of the song.
  • In My Room – Third Tabata (8 sets): Last tabata to end the final stage! This is a “full” 4 minute tabata effort and the time to empty the gas tank of any excess energy.


  • Call On Me – Sprint to the Finish: Last working song! Start with a 1 minute push — as hard as you can hold for one minute of sustained effort. Then recover for 45 seconds and do a 30 second, 100-110 RPM sprint to the finish line.


  • Sorry – Cool Down: Keep your legs moving as you roll your shoulders backwards and forwards, then reconnect with the handlebars and surge your legs a tiny bit (no resistance) to help prevent your heart rate from plummeting too quickly. Slow your legs after 15-20 seconds and complete any other upper body stretches you desire. Dismount the bike when you’re ready and be sure to stretch your quads, hip flexors and hamstrings!

Hope you enjoy the workout – please leave a comment here if you give it a try! Check out another one of my indoor cycling workouts here.


  1. Moira Moira

    Well! Just want to thank you for this awesome routine! We did it this morning – the class loved but hated it in a good way. I loved the incremental tabata sets – I will incorporate more of that in my future routines. Thanks so much for sharing!


      Fabulous Moira, I am so glad to hear it!

  2. Lexy Johnson Lexy Johnson

    Lauren! Your cycling routines are awesome! I love the way you mix things up, and the music is great. Please share more!


      Thank you! I have another in the works that should be going up soon 🙂

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