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Off Season Update

I am deep into the off season and equal parts enjoying the “time off” but also craving some structure and plans. I’m still working out lots and keeping my eye on my goals…but not having a race to work towards is half liberating, half maddening.

Here’s a few random thoughts re: what I’ve been up to:TriathLauren - Garmin Screenshot

  • Guppy Challenge: In October I started the Slowtwitch Guppy Challenge and I’m still at it — it’s going great! I am halfway into week 8 and sticking with 3 guppy workouts plus one Masters swimming session each week. Since I started, I’ve swam more than 34 miles (!!!) and I’m definitely getting faster.
  • Swimming Clinic: While I’ve gotten faster at swimming, I know there’s a long way to go in improving my form. I’m not getting much feedback at Masters…so I’m mixing things up by attending different practices and I also have a SwimBox Freestyle Catch & Pull Clinic this weekend to give things a kickstart.   TriathLauren - underwater treadmill at SwimBox
  • Running: My broken hip recovery is going awesome on the running front –> I’m up to 3:1 run/walk intervals and am still progressively correcting my gait. I’m using the underwater treadmill at my physical therapist to help correct some form things (also, it’s fun – see photo above!). TriathLauren - Running in Colchester Airline Trail
  • Strength Galore: So much strength work. It’s part of fixing my body composition and something I need to focus on after two years of focusing mainly on physical therapy and injury recovery.  So, I’ve been all over Solidcore workouts (so, so, so hard), strength sessions at the gym and am adding in some TRX/kettlebell classes too. TriathLauren - Thanksgiving Ride
  • Cycling: Cycling is going great — and I’m SO excited to get my Tacx Vortex Smart trainer in the mail (happy Black Friday to me!) this week.

I have lots of fun stuff coming down the pike — stay tuned for details on my swimming clinic, the trainer, and more. And maybe I’ll figure out a 2017 race schedule at some point?


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