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Month: November 2016

Newbie Triathlete Advice: Splurging & Scrimping on Triathlon Gear

When you start triathlon — there’s SO MUCH to acquire – especially if, like me, you weren’t much of a swimmer, runner OR cyclist beforehand. With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Christmas right around the corner, plus an influx of new 2017 products from triathlon companies, there’s no better time to talk shop(ping) when it comes to multisport. And, now that I’m 5+ years into this triathlon experiment, it’s time for me to upgrade some of my “entry level” equipment and invest in some higher-end gear now that I know this hobby isn’t going anywhere. So let’s…

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The Broken Hip Chronicles: Everything the Cyclist/Triathlete Needs to Know About a Fractured Femoral Neck

I have been incessantly Googling since my hip started bugging me in April, finding several super helpful forum posts and other sources regarding all things cycling, broken hips, fractured femoral necks, etc. I thought I’d add my own experience to the conversation to hopefully help out those who are going through similar experiences. For those of you for whom this post has no relevance: run for the hills! Avoid breaking your hip at all costs! For those of you interested in reading on: enjoy the saga. The Actual Injury: April 2016 Eugene and I went cycling in the Blue Ridge…

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So cliché it hurts.

A funny thing has been happening to me for the past year and a half: I’ve been putting on weight little by little, despite super clean eating habits and daily exercise. For months and months I have attributed this slow creep to my injuries — sure, I’ve been working out a lot, but no running or high impact workouts means a little weight gain is inevitable, right? Now that the 2016 racing season is over, my hip is more or less healed and I am easing back into running, and a crazy month of travel is over, I finally felt…

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