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Recovering from Work Travel and Catching Up

Finally! Back from a crazy few weeks of work (travel, taking on a colleague’s responsibilities, etc.) and jumping headfirst into the offseason.

Mt. Vernon Trail Hoka One One Shot - TriathLaurenHere’s what I’ve been up to on the triathlon front:
  1. I’m allowed to run again! Just 4.5 months after surgery to repair my broken hip, my orthopedist deemed me fully healed and gave me the green light to run. I was expecting a full 6 months of no running, so this was wonderful.
  2. Easing back in with run/walk intervals: My physical therapist has me doing 1 minute run/1 minute walk intervals, starting with just 15 minutes and moving up to 30 in month one. Slow and steady…at least all of my runs go by in a flash?
  3. Gait analysis: My physical therapist filmed my running and identified three things that need some TLC: I need to work on my forward lean/pushing from my hips, I need to widen my stance a bit since I’m currently a “tightrope runner” and I need to land on a BENT right knee for the full benefit of triple flexion, rather than a straight leg. I’ve got drills to help me get there and I’m focusing on making this happen in every. single. run.
  4. Guppy Challenge is in full swing. I took a one week break when a work trip took me to Minneapolis and held me hostage with all work/no fun, but I’m hopping right back in the best that I can!
Great Pumpkin Ride Course - TriathLauren
And lastly, this weekend I did the Great Pumpkin Ride in Fauquier County, Virginia. I’d heard great things about the ride — fun rest stops, beautiful roads, fall foliage in full swing. It was all of those things — and also extremely windy. I have never enjoyed riding in the wind (which is something I need to get over because you don’t get to pick if it’s windy on race day), but this was next level. There was actually an extreme weather alert for the wind, with crazy gusts and a solid, sustained wind.
This made things a little less fun for me and a whole lot harder — but I made it through the 48 miles which is the furthest I’ve ridden on my road bike in at least two years. Woo!
Fuse Pilates Ladder Class - TriathLauren
Now that work craziness is calming down, I’m looking forward to sitting down and putting some thought into the 2017 season. What do I want to accomplish and where do I want to do it? How will I set myself up for success? Only time will tell!

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