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Month: October 2016

Recovering from Work Travel and Catching Up

Finally! Back from a crazy few weeks of work (travel, taking on a colleague’s responsibilities, etc.) and jumping headfirst into the offseason. Here’s what I’ve been up to on the triathlon front: I’m allowed to run again! Just 4.5 months after surgery to repair my broken hip, my orthopedist deemed me fully healed and gave me the green light to run. I was expecting a full 6 months of no running, so this was wonderful. Easing back in with run/walk intervals: My physical therapist has me doing 1 minute run/1 minute walk intervals, starting with just 15 minutes and moving…

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The Slowtwitch Guppy Challenge

One of my off season goals this year: correct my swim technique and improve my speed. I already swim 3 days/week and go to Masters swimming — I have great swimming endurance, can maintain a steady pace for a HIM distance swim, and feel comfortable in the open water. That’s all well and good – but I still need help because I am s-l-o-w. Not as slow as I used to be, but we’re still talking bottom 20% here in terms of swim times. Yikes! As part of accomplishing this goal, Eugene suggested that we try the Slowtwitch Guppy Challenge…

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