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5 Goals for the Triathlon Off Season

After two years in a row of suffering huge injuries that impeded with my triathlon season, all I’m craving is a little bit of normalcy! I’m really hoping to use this off season to prep myself for a successful, injury free 2017 triathlon season. While I have a handful of races swirling around in my head for next year, I’m holding off to commit to anything until I have a better grasp on my schedule and a clear idea of what’s realistic (and fun).


In the meantime, here’s a look a five specific off season goals:

  1. Ease back into running: I have an orthopedist follow up appointment next week and am crossing my fingers I’ll be cleared to run again! First step will be meeting with my Physical Therapist for a run/gait analysis and to determine a plan to get back into things slowly but surely. I am hoping to build up a solid base over the winter (I love running in the cold – just NOT in snow since it makes me nervous) and then get into speed work in the spring.
  2. Correct my swim technique and improve my speed: Endurance and comfort in the water are areas I excel in, but my technique and speed are both lacking! To kick this off, I began the Slowtwitch Guppy Challenge this week. Stay tuned for a post on that!
  3. Strength training, and lots of it: I need to continue to focus on developing my hips and knees, work on my glute strength, and give some attention to my somewhat neglected core and upper body. I’m hoping I can make it to some Solidcore classes over the fall/winter!
  4. Improve my body composition: Numbers 1 and 3 should help with this, but I’m hoping to regain my muscular physique and drop some of the fat I’ve packed on hand in hand with my recent injuries. I think I may need to experiment with my macros a bit to accomplish this. Any tips?
  5. HAVE FUN: I love structured, disciplined training (give me a Training Peaks schedule and I WILL turn every single box green), but I am hoping to find joy in the freedom of the offseason. Hoping this means some fun workout classes, days off with zero guilt associated, and lots of teaching indoor cycling classes!

img_7520Cheers to the off season! What are your goals now that race season’s over (or for when it ends)?


  1. I am not a triathlete so my fall season Is just beginning. Here’s to cooler temps for the upcoming races. Enjoy your off season!

    • I love that it’s finally comfortable to be outside! I have a few fall themed things coming up that I can’t wait for 🙂 Good luck racing!

  2. Sounds like a great plan 🙂 I’m training for my last race of the season–the Key West Olympic tri. It’ll be interesting training into the late fall, it’s almost certain I’ll get to know my bike trainer a bit better!

    • That sounds like a gorgeous destination for a race! I kind of wish I had a late season race coming up since the thought of not racing until next year is a little depressing!

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