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5 Things You Might Forget to do Before a Triathlon: The Rev3 Maine Edition

Nailed your training? Got your photo ready outfit picked out? Here’s a great list of five things you might forget to do before your next race — also known as, my personal to do list before Rev3 Maine!

Bike Tune Up - TriathLauren

  1. Bottle handoff practice: If you’re doing a half iron or iron distance race, you’ll need to master this skill so that you can cruise through the aid stations and not lose any time. As for me? I’m still working on it but have practice on my calendar for this weekend!
  2. Try on your wetsuit: If it’s been a while since your last wetsuit legal race or open water swim practice, be sure to inspect your wetsuit, make sure it is nice and clean, and of course try it on to ensure it’s comfortable. Also check your notes/race report, or just try to remember if it rubbed you in any weird spots the last time you wore it and be sure to load up on the Body Glide on race day. If you don’t own a wetsuit, make sure you’ve secured one to rent!
  3. Set up your watch for the race: I’ve definitely shown up on race day multiple times having forgotten about this step. Make sure your race day setup has all of the fields you want, and no extras taking up extra space! DC Rainmaker has a great post from earlier this year re: how he sets up his watches/bike computers.
  4. Get your bike tuned up: Nothing like a mechanical issue to throw a wrench into an otherwise great race. Drop off your bike for some TLC at the local bike shop, and pick up a few CO2 cartridges while you’re at it!
  5. Make a plan and set some goals: Read through the athlete guide and determine how you will define success for this race – be sure to set A/B/C goals, and make sure they are not all time-bound. TuneStay tuned for my Rev3 Maine plan and goals! Remember to include nutrition and hydration strategies, and use this as an opportunity to make a packing checklist for the race as well.

Rev3 Maine Athlete Guide - TriathLauren

Have you ever forgotten one of these things? What else should I add to the list!?

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