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Summer 2016: 45 Minute Spin Class Playlist & Workout

Let’s get sweaty! I love teaching indoor cycling at Wired Cycling and enjoy taking classes there and at other studios on occasion as well. I make a brand new playlist for every single class (though I do have go-to favorite songs that make it into a number of my playlists!) and try to include the up and coming popular music rather than rely on just Top 40 tunes that lots of people might already be sick of.

Indoor Cycling Studio

I’m going to try to share a new playlist & class profile here every few weeks for people to try out at home, or for other instructors to use as inspiration.

Class Focus:

The focus is ALL about resistance in this class! While I gave cues for cadence/RPM at some points throughout class, I really wanted to see high power numbers to reflect big turns on the resistance knob. This means pushing hard against the flywheel AND taking time to recover – so be sure to take the time to bring your heart rate down throughout the class.


Here’s the link to access directly on Spotify (or search for me on there: laurenlaughs).

Class Profile Graphic:

Summer 2016 Indoor Cycling Workout - TriathLauren

More Detail on the Class Profile: 

Perfect Strangers – Warm Up: Get in a good upper body stretch, make sure you focus in on your form, take some time to speed your legs up, add some resistance on, generally wake up your muscles and make sure the bike is comfortable.

Higher – Increase Resistance Throughout Song: Start with low resistance and a cadence around 80 rpm. Increase your resistance gradually, every 20 seconds or so, and hold on to the 80 rpm even as the resistance gets heavy! Your leg muscles will be awake by the end of this song.

This Girl – Surge Against Heavy Resistance: This song has two great opportunities for 25 second surges. Start with low resistance and gradually add it on – when the trumpet solo drops at 1:02, surge until 1:26. Take the resistance off and start adding gradually again, until you surge from 2:33 to 3:00.

Heatwave – Gradual Hill Climb: For this song, start with 15 seconds on what feels like a small hill, then 30 seconds on a medium hill, 1 minute on a hard hill, 30 seconds back on a medium hill, and end with 15 seconds back on your small hill.

Synthelicious – 1:30 Time Trial: This quick song is a fun chance to test out how far your legs can take you in a minute and a half. Be sure to hit “lap” or “stage” on your bike or bike computer if it has that option to keep track.

Is This Love – 30s Medium/20s Hard/10s All Out: The 30/20/10 drill is one of my favorites — put in 30 seconds of medium effort, followed by 20 seconds hard effort (increase your resistance to make it harder), then give your all out effort for 10 seconds. Do this 2x throughout the song – preferably back to back without a rest in between!

All In My Head – Increase Cadence Throughout Song: Start out with your cadence at 60 rpm – slow and easy. Every 20 seconds, increase by 10 rpm all the way up to 110 (you may need to add some resistance to ensure your hips aren’t shaking), then start decreasing and work your back back down.

Jealousy – Hill Climb with Switchbacks: Start out in a seated climb on a medium hill. Every 30 seconds you hit another switchback, at which point you get out of the saddle into a standing climb for 10 seconds – surging your way around the corner. Repeat.

Gonna Love Ya – 1m Small Hill/1m Medium Hill/1m Heavy Hill: Start in a seated climb on a small hill – after 1 minute, up your resistance so it feels like a medium hill. Find a heavy hill and feel free to stand for the last minute of climbing.

Other Side – Sprints w Low(ish) Resistance:  Lower your resistance for this song – you should have enough to stabilize your hips while sprinting, which will feel like a flat road plus a little more resistance. Increase your cadence as the song gets faster, and complete two 30 second sprints from 1:08 to 1:38 and 2:43 to 3:12.

Wasted Love – Standing Hill Climb/Seated Sprints: Find a nice heavy resistance, stand and climb out of the saddle until 1:00, then drop to the saddle and surge hard against the heavy resistance until 1:24. Get back out of the saddle to climb until 2:05, then sit and surge again until 2:36. Recover for the rest of the song.

The Fire – 8 Additions of Cadence or Resistance: Second to last song – time to work! Every 20-30 seconds throughout this song, either reach down and increase your resistance OR increase your cadence. You’ll start out easy and “Choose Your Own Adventure” to ensure you are working your butt off by the end!

You & Me – Sprint to the Finish: Find a nice comfortable pace for the first portion of the song – we need to rest our legs a bit to ensure our sprint to the finish line goes well! At 3:04, let out all of your energy and work as hard as you can until the finish line at 4:04.

Shine – Cool Down: Keep your legs moving as you roll your shoulders backwards and forwards, then reconnect with the handlebars and surge your legs a tiny bit (no resistance) to help prevent your heart rate from plummeting too quickly. Slow your legs after 15-20 seconds and complete any other upper body stretches you desire. Dismount the bike when you’re ready and be sure to stretch your quads, hip flexors and hamstrings!

Have any questions about the class? Did you complete the workout? Let me know!


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