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Introducing TriathLauren!

After rolling the idea of blogging around in my head for oh, years now, I finally bit the bullet. I’m in the midst of my second season in a row blown to smithereens due to injuries and plain bad luck — and if I can’t find an outlet in 2 hour runs and half a day spent on my bike, I thought maybe I could find it in writing things down — processing my thoughts and sending them out in the world for one or two people to stumble across and maybe even relate with.

So, here I am! Recovering from a broken hip and reconfiguring my race plans to make sure I can still get an adrenaline rush or two in this season. Swapping out speedwork with physical therapy, trying out aquajogging for the first time, and exercising my patience more than I am my body.

I’m planning to provide regular updates on things like:

  • training and race recaps
  • dealing with injury/recovery
  • gear, nutrition, bikes and more
  • local intel: DC-area fitness studios, bike trails, tri shops & more
  • food: meal prep, race fuel, maybe a few recipes here and there

Check out my about page for the Lauren 101 and stay tuned for lots more.

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